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MTSS/RTI – What You Need to Know

Implementing and sustaining MTSS necessitates rethinking how we go about business in schools. To be sustained, MTSS must become a school-wide responsibility and support structure for both teachers and students alike. This requires:

  1. Developing a blueprint for getting started and a way to get staff members on board.

  2. Information and support on how to manage the logistics of a school-wide approach to MTSS (e.g., how to effectively group students, stagger reading blocks and coordinate both small and whole group instruction).

  3. Re-thinking how resources and instructional staff are assigned to maximize supports for all students.

  4. Spending less time and energy engaged in testing and determining eligibility for special education; devoting the time to realizing outcomes.

  5. Focusing on a single goal as the measure of success: student academic achievement. Attainment of this goal allows success in all other areas.

  6. Visionary instructional leadership with a “gentle pressure applied relentlessly” attitude.

  7. Training and support for teachers—most resistance is driven by not knowing how.

  8. Understanding how to use the right data for instructional decision-making.

  9. Evaluating effectiveness of systems and instructional groups rather than focusing on individual students.

  10. Establishing grade-level problem-solving teams responsible for data analysis and problem solving.

  • How to Avoid the Most Common Pitfalls of MTSS

  • Progress Monitoring

  • School-Wide Approach to MTSS

  • Research-Based Interventions

  • Effective Instructional Practices

  • Evaluating Effective Systems

  • Beyond the “One-Student-at-a-Time” Mentality

  • Differentiated Instruction

  • Focus Monitoring

  • Problem-Solving Structures

  • Beyond RTI

  • RTI for Special Education

  • Goal of Professional Development

  • IEP Placement

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