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Visual Vocabulary e-Slide Program – for purchase


Now available is our Systematic Vocabulary Instruction e-Slide Program for ELA, Math and Critical Words, available in Grades K-12.

This program includes:

  1. Academic Vocabulary words with kid friendly definitions, by grade and subject K-12 (FREE)
  2. PowerPoint Slides with concrete, visual representation for each word:
    • Over 2300 Math Slides
    • Over 2900 ELA Slides
    • Over 200 Critical Word Slides
  3. Vocabulary Teaching Template – the teacher’s guide to ensure hear it, see it, say it, do it.
  4. Vocabulary Practice Templates to provide framework for establishing meaningful practice opportunities
  5. Progress Monitoring Assessments
  6. Mastery Test Template

Please see the below sample e-slides.



Visual Vocabulary eSlides – Critical Words Sample

Visual Vocabulary eSlides – Sample ELA & Math



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